Apple Tart

Shortcrust pastry with custard, apples and currants, covered with fruit jelly

Grandmother Cake

Shortcrust pastry filled with custard and garnished with pine nuts, almonds and icing sugar.

Mixed Berry Cake

Shortcrust pastry with a layer sponge cake filled with custard and cream, covered with soft fruits and garnished with apricot jelly.

Profitteroles Tray

Cream puffs covered with chocolate sauce

Cheesecake New York

A layer of biscuit with soft cheese and ricotta cream without garnishing sauces, ideal for personalizations.

Chocolate Mousse

Liqueur-soaked sponge cake with a covering of chocolate mousse, garnished with chopped nuts, chocolate drops and jelly.

Tiramisu Tray

Mascarpone cream on a sponge cake base, soaked in coffee and decorated with cocoa.

Banana Bash

A Runny Chip base with banana pudding topped with custard filled cream puffs

Belgian Chocolate Cake

These mousse cakes are the perfect combination of sponge and mousse filling

Carrot Cake

extra moist, light and tender, flavored with the perfect blend of spices and topped with a smooth and light whipped cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Cheesecake Smash

Decadent choc. cake base w/ a creamy cheesecake topped w/ choc. truffle, brownie chunks & chocolate ganache drizzles

Limoncello Mascarpone Tray

Sicilian lemon infused sponge cake and Italian mascarpone topped with European white chocolate curls

Ricotta Cheese Cake

Cheesecake made with ricotta cheese, delicately textured with a hint of natural orange essence

Red Velvet Cake

ayers of moist, velvety scarlet red sponge cake with cream cheese fillin

Sicilian Sea Salt Caramel Tray

Made with layers of moist sponge cake and salted caramel mousse and topped with salted caramel butter streusel and dark Belgian chocolate blossoms

Toasted Almond Cream Cake Tray

Our Toasted Almond Cream Cake tray is a silky smooth yet crunchy dessert that is perfect for people looking for that sweet and savory combination

Tiramisu’ Cake 10″ Round

Traditional Italian dessert with a creamy, rich mousse infused with a dark roast espresso coffee

Torta Ricotta E Pere

Two discs of hazelnut cookies with a delicate ricotta mousse and pear pieces

SKU: 1PP1061
Weight:1200 g
Portions:12 slices
Expiry:18 months
Thawing:Defrost 3-4h before serving